TATAA Biocenter goes live with a modern, fully-automated LIMS – a big day for their state-of-the-art laboratory in Gothenburg.

PCR data

It’s been over 12 months in the making and TATAA Biocenter has now gone live with its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) from Benchling. Integrating processes, samples, instruments, PCR data and informatics into one automated and unified platform.

Effectively managing sequencing and PCR data can be challenging, with issues in data security and sample management and potential mistakes caused by human error.

A modern LIMS solution allows you to connect everything in the laboratory so you can record and trace all that you do to an individual sample. Every process, every measurement.

“LIMS is a way to bulletproof your processes. A customer will be able to follow the whole process of a sample, every concentration, how many PCR cycles. It makes it easy to trouble-shoot issues or biases with a specific sample, since you have all the data collected and stored, and traceable. That can’t be deleted.” says Sofia Adolfsson, Head of Bioinformatics, TATAA Biocenter.

This LIMS solution seamlessly integrates TATAA’s key laboratory instruments, including the NGS star Library Prep and Illumina sequencers, improving quality control while increasing throughput and productivity, for NGS and dPCR analysis.

TATAA Biocenter and Benchling collaborated closely throughout the entire project, working side-by side, going through each process, in a detailed way, to make sure everything in the laboratory was documented.

“During this integration, we considered ourselves as an integral and embedded part of the team at TATAA Biocenter, finding the right approach to serve them at every step of their journey,” said Abdel Batel, Head of Professional Services EMEA, Benchling. “We know that with Benchling, TATAA Biocenter laboratory is equipped with the most trusted, high-quality tools that empower their customers to increase productivity and shorten delivery times with R&D.”

With Benchling’s LIMS solution, TATAA ensures the capture of high-quality, structured and unstructured data for customers, which is critical to scientists’ ability to ask and answer new questions. It is purpose built for science — capturing DNA, RNA, proteins, and more — and structures the data in a way that is accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

This focus on NGS and PCR data quality and structure helps TATAA and its customers manage their intellectual property more effectively, making it easier for R&D teams to maintain IP security and streamline the process of IP transfer that occurs when organisations combine or partner.

The LIMS has been set up specifically for the needs of TATAA Biocenter and will stand out to customers as a critical competitive differentiator. A tailored and unique system that brings many benefits to TATAA’s scientists and customers.




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