Explore Protein Profiling with Olink Explore 3072


Olink Explore 3072 detects and quantifies 3072 different proteins in every sample, using a sample volume of 6 µL.

Olink Explore 3072 is an excellent tool for large-scale biomarker discovery in biofluids, applicable to cancer, cardiovascular disorders, inflammatory disorders, and more. It is a valuable tool for identifying protein differences and pathways activated between different treated and untreated conditions.

Scale up or down the number of proteins

A validated workflow

The Olink Explore 3072 is validated for use with human plasma and serum. If you have other sample types (such as CSF, urine, or cell medium) or different species, like NHP, please get in touch with us for consultation. The selected proteins focus on functional, actionable, druggable, and circulating proteins.

The workflow is semi-automated with robotic pipetting and dilution steps. It includes internal controls for the incubation, extension, and amplification steps and QC during data analysis.

The generated data is in the form of NPX (Normalized Protein Expression), representing relative concentrations based on several reference already included in the panel.

How does the Olink Explore 3072 works?

Olink utilizes Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, which ensures specificity by requiring the binding of two antibodies to detect a protein. For Olink Explore, detection sensitivity is achieved through Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). When two antibodies bind to the same protein, the single-stranded DNA attached to each antibody hybridizes, forming double-stranded DNA. This double-stranded DNA is then extended, tagged with barcodes, and quantified using NGS.


The Olink Explore 3072 Workflow

We receive the samples in tubes or plates, then aliquot and dilute them using robotic automation. The samples are mixed with antibodies from one, some, or all eight sub-panels.

The double-stranded DNA, representing a detected protein, is then extended and tagged with barcodes. After library purification, the sample is sequenced on our NovaSeq 6000 instrument. We perform QC on the NGS data and analyze it using Olink’s NPX Explore Software. The software runs QC on all samples, generating reports and raw data files that are easy for customers to interpret.

Enhance your biomarker discovery process with the Olink Explore 3072





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