Over 20+ years’ of experience

Meet our scientists

Mikael Kubista

Mikael has been interested in life sciences for as long as he can remember. He studied chemistry at University of Göteborg, Sweden, and obtained his B.Sc. and Ph.D in chemistry.

In 2001, Mikael founded TATAA Biocenter as a center of excellence in qPCR and gene expression analysis, initially as a training institution and later as a custom service and high-quality reagent provider.

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Lydia Michaut, Ph.D
Chief Scientific Officer

Lydia’s 25-year career has spanned molecular biology, genetics and immunology, making her an expert in the bioanalytical platforms needed to support Biologics and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products. She acquired her regulated bioanalysis expertise in the development of biotherapeutics and gene therapies in large pharma, global CRO and consultancy, and supported the successful regulatory submissions of multiple biotherapeutics to various health agencies worldwide.

Robert Sjöback
Head of R & D

Robert has more than 25 years’ experience of nucleic acid analysis. After acquiring his PhD in Physical Chemistry, studying the interaction of fluorescent dyes and nucleic acids, he has worked with product development in the food diagnostics industry, and since he joined TATAA Biocenter in 2005 with development of nucleic acid based techniques and products.

Sofia Adolfsson, Ph.D
Head of Bioinformatics

Sofia is leading the bioinformatics unit, our new addition which now makes it possible for TATAA, as a single CRO, to provide expert advice from project planning to data analysis and result presentation. She joined TATAA in 2021 as an experienced and versatile scientist in a range of NGS applications, including innovative research projects in evolutionary biology to quality controlled clinical screening. Talk to Sofia about best practises and development of standards for variant and structural variant calling, expression profiling and other NGS related data analysis pipelines.

Oskar Johannson, Ph.D
Senior Project Manager

Oskar has a PhD in Biology and worked for 10 years at the University on Gothenburg on host-microbe interactions and cell signalling. He joined TATAA in 2021 where he is leading a team of scientists developing and validating PCR assays to support various sample analysis projects, with a focus on biodistribution studies under ISO17025 compliance. Oskar is also instrumental in the team implementing Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) at TATAA Biocenter.