Olink Explore 384 Panels


The Olink Explore 384 panels collectively form the comprehensive Explore 3072 panel. Run one or several of these panels on each sample simultaneously.

Each Olinke 384 panel contains carefully selected proteins validated for human plasma and serum samples, making it ideal for large-scale biomarker discovery studies. If your research involves other matrices, such as urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), cell media, or other biological fluids, we recommend contacting us for tailored advice on assay suitability and optimization.
This modular approach allows for extensive proteomic analysis, enabling detailed exploration of protein biomarkers and pathways relevant to various diseases and conditions.

The Olink Explore 384 Workflow 

The Olink Explore 384 workflow is a semi-automated process validated for human plasma and serum samples. A single panel or all eight panels run simultaneously on all samples. The workflow includes internal controls at each step, including antibody incubation, PCR extension, and amplification. Quality control (QC) is also performed on the data.

The readout is conducted using the Illumina NovaSeq 6000 (Next-Generation Sequencing, NGS). The resulting data is presented as NPX (Normalized Protein Expression), representing relative protein concentrations based on multiple references in the panel.

For more information on the workflow and how it operates, it is identical to the full Olink Explore 3072 panel.

Example applications

Olink Explore 3072 (all eight 384 panels)

Olink® Explore 3072 panel was used to study identify circulating proteins and protein networks associated with the development of heart failure and serve as early detection biomarkers. 4877 plasma proteins was measured in in a large cohort of 13,900 heart failure-free individuals.


Olink Explore 3072 panel was used to perform serum proteomic analysis on 67 adult subjects with atopic dermatitis (AD), the to identify differentially expressed proteins between mild and severe cases of AD.


Olink® Explore 384 Cardiometabolic panels

Olink Cardiometabolic Explore panel were used to measure plasma proteomics and assess cardiometabolic profiles among different obesity phenotypes to reveal proteins significantly associated with obesity and insulin-related traits, implicating mechanisms like inflammation, extracellular matrix remodeling, and endoplasmic reticulum functions in the development of obesity-related cardiometabolic disorders.


Olink® Explore 384 Inflammation panel

Olink Explore 384 Inflammation panels was used to analyze the plasma protein profile in patients after hospitalization for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection. The aim was to understand the the inflammatory processes underlying long COVID by identifying associations between specific proteins and long COVID symptoms such as cardiorespiratory issues, fatigue, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal symptoms, and cognitive impairment.


Olink® Explore 384 Neurology panels

The Olink Neurology panel was used in the study cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples from participants with sporadic cerebral amyloid angiopathy (sCAA) to identify and validate novel biomarkers for sCAA.






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