Olink Target 96 and Olink Target 48


The Olink Target 96 panels are designed for high throughput, cost efficiency, and low sample consumption, facilitating targeted biomarker research in various disease areas and biological processes.

The Olink Target 96 panels simultaneously enable high-multiplex targeting analysis of 92 protein biomarkers. Fifteen Target 96 panels are available, and two smaller panels called Target 48 are also available. The data generated is provided as NPX (Normalized Protein Expression), representing relative protein concentrations based on multiple references in the panel. In addition, the Olink Target 48 panels provide both relative protein concentrations and absolute concentrations reported in pg/mL.

How do the Target 96 and Target 48 panels work?

The Olink Targeted panels use Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology. The extraordinary specificity is achieved by requiring the binding of two antibodies to detect a protein. Each antibody carries a single-stranded DNA, and when two antibodies bind to the same protein, the oligos can hybridize. The hybridized oligos are then detected using the high sensitivity of qPCR.

The Target 96 and Target 48 Workflow

Each target panel requires 1 µL of sample to run all qPCR assays. The samples are mixed with the antibody mixture and then loaded with the primers into a microfluidic chip to run each qPCR assay in micro-small volumes simultaneously. This microfluidic chip allows all target protein combinations to be simultaneously assayed separately. The relative quantity of all proteins is determined using several internal controls already included in the assay. The Target 48 panels have an internal control to receive the data as both NPX and absolute quantities (pg/µL).

The qPCR data is QC controlled and analyzed using the Olink NPX Signature software, which also has a second built-in QC. The software generates a report and raw data files that we deliver to the customer.





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