Olink Platforms – Target and Explore


Olink Target and Olink Explore are two different platforms offered by Olink Proteomics for protein biomarker analysis. Here is a breakdown of the key differences:

Olink Target Platform

Olink Target is a platform designed for focused biomarker analysis with up to 96 targets per panel. It consists of a pre-selected set of protein targets that are carefully curated based on their relevance to specific research areas or diseases. Olink Target panels are developed to address specific biological questions or applications, such as inflammation, cardiovascular disease, or oncology. They are composed of a fixed set of biomarkers, allowing researchers to investigate a specific pathway or disease-related protein signature.

Olink Explore Platform

Olink Explore, on the other hand, is a broader and more comprehensive panel of up to 3072 targets covering a wide range of biological processes and diseases. Olink Explore panels provide a more extensive snapshot of the proteome, allowing researchers to explore a broader array of protein biomarkers in their samples. These panels are designed for more exploratory studies, enabling researchers to identify new associations or potential biomarkers across different research areas.

In Summary

Olink Target panels are focused with a specific set of biomarkers tailored for targeted investigations, while Olink Explore panels offer a larger range of protein targets for a broader exploration of protein biomarkers.

The choice between Olink Target and Olink Explore depends on the research question of interest. While some studies are hypothesis-driven, targeting a specific question, other studies are broader, interested in screening large numbers of samples and assays.

TATAA Biocenter is a certified platinum Olink service provider with over 10 years’ experience running Olink projects. You can read more here about our Olink services here





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