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High-throughput proteomics screening on Olink platforms

We provide complete workflows for protein biomarker analysis using Olink Explore and Olink Target.


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Proteomics with TATAA and Olink

Are you seeking a partner certified in Olink proteomics platforms?

TATAA is a certified Olink® service provider offering high-capacity proteomics analysis from a few microliters of sample using Olink® Target 48-and 96-plex with qPCR read-out and the Olink® Explore 384 and 3072 with NGS detection.

The Olink Explore is a high-multiplex, high-throughput protein biomarker platform that uses Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology combined with an innovative new readout methodology based on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

TATAA’s NovaSeq 6000 Illumina® instrument is used to read out the Explore platform.

Our Olink experts support your whole workflow from study design and sample analysis to data processing – delivering high-quality data and actionable results.

We are here to enable end-to-end multi-omics studies and help you identify novel biomarkers to guide development of new precision therapies and to monitor approved therapeutics long-term safety and efficiency.

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