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TATAA Biocenter is a platinum certified Olink service provider with over 10 years’ experience running Olink projects.

Olink Proteomics Servicies - TATAA Biocenter
Olink service provider

GLP-Ready Laboratory

Our Olink projects are run in a GLP-ready lab with dedicated sample management, LIMS and automated handling systems.

  • Fully qualified to support drug development from discovery to clinical  development to approval.
  • We’ve processed 1000s of samples with a team vastly experienced in delivering Olink proteomic services. 
  • We offer complete workflows for protein biomarker analysis using Olink Explore, Flex and Target.
Protein Biomarker Analysis
Olink Explore - Proteomics services

Broad Protein Biomarker Analysis with Olink Explore

A high-throughput protein biomarker discovery platform offering uncompromised data quality.

  • Olink Explore 1536 and 3000-plex NGS
  • Access to the entire Olink protein library of ~3000 protein assays
  • Exploratory proteomics and multiomics studies
  • Explorative protein biomarker discovery proteomics studies
Protein Biomarker Analysis
Olink Target - Targeted biomarker services

Precision Biomarker Analysis with Olink Target

  • Olink Target 96 & 48 panels 
  • For targeted protein biomarker discover

Read our blog on the difference between Olink Expore and Olink Target

Unleash the Power of Protein Biomarker Analysis

We support study design, sample considerations and data analysis.

Your Olink Service Provider!

Olink Service Provider
Protein biomarker profiling

Olink Proteomics: Proximity Extension Assay (PEA)

Olink Technology Overview:

  • Based on Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) immunoassay principle.
  • Enables high-throughput protein biomarker detection in liquid sample
  • Matched antibody-oligo probe pairs bind to target proteins in the sample
  • Proximity of oligo probes allows hybridization
  • DNA amplicon generated with the addition of DNA polymerase.
  • DNA amplicon detected and quantified using quantitative real-time PCR or NGS.
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