Build a custom biomarker strategy

Biomarker profiling services

We have the methods and expertise to extract and analyze your biomarkers, whether you need analysis for a single biomarker or a handful or are pursuing a biomarker discovery approach. With extensive experience in extraction, we tailor the extraction protocol to your specific biological sample, whether fresh or FFPE.


Solutions for complex biological challenges

We offer a comprehensive range of tailored services for drug development programs. With over two decades of expertise in nucleic acid analysis and sample preparation, we excel in sample extraction and quality assessment, method development and validation, and analyzing biomarkers using leading, well-matched technologies.

Molecular analyses in drug development

Support at every phase for well-informed decisions

We accelerate time-to-market with rapid and reliable data, enabling informed stage-gate decisions and preparing submission-ready reports. We excel at identifying and monitoring nucleic acid biomarkers essential for understanding target engagement, efficacy, potency, and safety of cell, gene, and RNA therapies.


In early discovery, we identify valuable biomarkers for candidate selection, lead optimization, and patient stratification. In addition, we run quantitative analyses to provide the necessary data for vector evaluation and optimization, including tissue specificity and potency for lead candidate selection.

We offer a spectrum of assay validation for regulatory filings and confident decision-making, ranging from fully validated assays to fit-for-purpose assays for covering various bioanalyses, including PK/PD, biodistribution, and viral shedding.

With a state-of-the-art instrumentation fleet, automated platforms, and an integrated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), we conduct high-throughput analysis of clinical nucleic acid biomarkers for patient stratification, efficacy, and safety endpoint.


In early discovery, w