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Protein Biomarkers

Olink proteomics for drug development

At TATAA Biocenter, we have a dedicated Olink team and automated instrumentation for high-throughput Olink proteomics. We have been a service provider for Olink for over ten years and have extensive experience with various types of samples, platforms, and panels.

TATAA Biocenter is a GLP-accredited laboratory, and the Olink workflow includes our standard sample management processes and IT security measures, ensuring the same high standards as those of our regulated projects.

Thousands of data points from each microliter of sample

Validated protein biomarker panels for drug development

With only microliters of sample, hundreds to thousands of proteins can be quantified from blood in a fast, semi-automated workflow, requiring minimal hands-on time. The Olink protein biomarker panels are thoroughly validated for various performance parameters, ensuring high-quality and reliable data. Olink’s Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology utilizes pairs of antibodies to detect and quantify proteins with high specificity. Oligonucleotides attached to the antibodies provide the sensitivity of qPCR or NGS for readouts.

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Monitor the innate immune system

The Olink Target 48 Cytokine panel is designed to provide absolute quantification of key cytokines in a sample, enabling rapid and efficient monitoring of the innate immune response to nucleic acid therapeutics. It is available for preclinical (mouse) and clinical (human) samples. If you have NHP samples, contact us for assistance.

Olink Target 48 Cytokine

Identify new drug targets and evaluate therapeutic effect

Olink offers several targeted panels to help understand disease mechanisms and signaling pathways to identify new drug targets. Targeted panels are used to measure target engagement and adverse effects post-treatment.

Olink Explore 384

Olink Target 96

Biomarker discovery

With the Olink Explore HT platform, 5,400+ exploratory proteins are quantified simultaneously to identify non-invasive blood biomarkers for disease onset and progression, and patient stratification.

Olink Explore HT

Study translational relevance

Comparing the biomarker expression in humans and mice using the mouse exploratory panel provides insight into translational relevance and supports allometric scaling. In addition, most protein assays are compatible with NHP samples.

Olink Target 96 Mouse Exploratory

NPX olink
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Data output

From sample to comprehensible data

We run assays, perform quality control on the data, process it using Olink’s software, and deliver the report and the raw data files to our customers. The data generated is reported as Normalized Protein eXpression (NPX) levels. This process allows for easy comparison across different samples and conditions. In addition, the Olink Target 48 Cytokine panels generate absolute quantified data in pg/µL.

Biodistribution aims to understand the distribution of therapeutic genetic material in various target and non-target tissues. This data is crucial for correlating with mRNA expression data to determine optimal dose strategies, refine vector constructs, and interpret pharmacology and toxicology data.

The Olink Target 96 panels are designed for high throughput, cost efficiency, and low sample consumption, facilitating targeted biomarker research in various disease areas and biological processes. Explore Our Olink Services The Olink Target 96 panels simultaneously enable high-multiplex targeting

The Olink Explore 384 panels collectively form the comprehensive Explore 3072 panel. Run one or several of these panels on each sample simultaneously. Explore Our Olink Services Each Olinke 384 panel contains carefully selected proteins validated for human plasma and


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Olink platform and panels

The Olink Explore panels are the most comprehensive panels using next-generation sequencing (NGS) for readout. Olink Explore HT contains over 5,400+ proteins, while Olink Explore 3072 contains eight 384 sub-panels that can be run individually or simultaneously as a set.

Olink® Explore HT

Olink® Explore 3072

Olink® Explore 384 Cardiometabolic

Olink® Explore 384 Cardiometabolic II

Olink® Explore 384 Inflammation

Olink® Explore 384 Inflammation II

Olink® Explore 384 Neurology

Olink® Explore 384 Neurology II

Olink® Explore 384 Oncology

Olink® Explore 384 Oncology II