The most comprehensive CRO for microRNA analysis

TATAA Biocenter, a leading CRO of molecular analysis services, announces it has become a certified service provider for RealSeq Biosciences, a developer of innovative sequencing solutions for microRNA analysis.

This collaboration will bring considerable benefits to scientific researchers by providing access to a comprehensive range of molecular analysis services, including RealSeq Biosciences’ cutting-edge small RNA sequencing technology.

As a service provider for RealSeq Biosciences, TATAA Biocenter will offer a full range of sequencing services, including RNA/small RNA sequencing, single-cell RNA/small RNA sequencing, and transcriptomics, using RealSeq Biosciences’ proprietary technology. The partnership will enhance TATAA Biocenter’s existing bioanalytical service offerings and provide researchers with access to the latest sequencing solutions.

RealSeq Biosciences’ technology brings many advantages over traditional RNA/small RNA sequencing methods, including increased accuracy, reduced error rates, and enhanced sensitivity. The technology is ideal for applications such as gene expression analysis, mutation detection, and pathway analysis.

“We are pleased to announce that TATAA Biocenter will join the inaugural cohort of Certified RealSeq® Service Providers.  TATAA, a global leading service provider, has the technical expertise and innovative position that we feel is required to support RealSeq® small RNA NGS service projects,” Sergio Barberan-Soler, co-founder/CEO RealSeq Biosciences.

The partnership will benefit researchers across a wide range of industries, including academia, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and more. The companies plan to collaborate on a range of projects and explore new applications for their combined technologies.

“We are super excited about the opportunity to partner with TATAA in the RNA/small RNA sequencing space and look forward to supporting their RNA service business opportunities,” Anne Scholz, co-founder/COO, RealSeq Biosciences.


TATAA Biocenter is a leading provider of molecular services to the Advanced Therapies and Medical products (ATMP) industry in Europe and to the Cell and Gene Therapy industry in the United States. With ISO 17025 accreditation and Good Laboratory and Clinical Practices (GLP/GCP) ready facility TATAA is perfectly positioned to support the pharmaceutical industry with biomarker profiling, including genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics with traditional qPCR, dPCR, and NGS methods, as well as proprietary methods.

About RealSeq Biosciences

RealSeq Biosciences, Inc., headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA, is advancing RNA analysis with its proprietary platform for the comprehensive detection of small RNA, cfRNA and RNA fragmentomics. RealSeq® includes technologies for non-biased small RNA library construction for next generation sequencing (NGS), targeted small RNA NGS, and single-cell RNA NGS. The novel RiboMarker® platform is rapidly advancing RNA-fragmentomics-based biomarkers of diseases where dissemination is critical to treatment outcomes including cancer and infectious diseases.

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