Universal Sequencing Partnership

TATAA Biocenter partners with Universal Sequencing

TATAA Biocenter has partnered with Universal Sequencing Technology Corporation (UST) to offer full-service solutions for Long Read Sequencing Applications using UST TELL-Seq Linked Read technology.

TATAA Biocenter was founded in 2001 and is a leading provider of molecular services to the Advanced Therapies and Medical products (ATMP) industries in Europe and to the Cell and Gene Therapy industry in the United States.

UST’s TELL-Seq technology, a transposase-based patent-pending linked-read library technology, enables short read 2nd generation NGS platforms, such as Illumina sequencers, to produce super long-range sequencing results (averaging linked-read molecule length greater than 40kb, up to and exceeding 200kb). A sequencing-ready library can be prepared in a PCR tube in ~3 hours with a simple workflow and basic lab equipment, which is simple, fast, and cost-effective. A unique feature of UST TELL-Seq is that it only requires ultra-low DNA input, 3-5ng for the human genome and 0.1-0.5ng for microbial genomes and target sequencing panels.

Dr. Aaron U. Levy, GM & Chief Commercial Officer of UST, who recently visited the TATAA Biocenter facility in Gothenburg, stated that he was impressed with the laboratory’s setup, corporate culture, professionalism, and up-to-code superb sequencing services. Levy added that “TELL-Seq library technology is compatible with the range of Illumina sequencing platforms from benchtop like MiniSeq™ up to high-throughput NovaSeq™ 6000. The collaboration between UST and TATAA, based on the growing need for long-read results with very accurate short-read Illumina sequencers is speeding up the adoption of UST’s super long-range TELL-Seq NGS library products among Illumina users in the US and all over the world.”

With UST TELL-Seq library preparation kits and an Illumina sequencer, one can do de novo sequencing of microbial, animal, plant, and insect genomes, metagenomics, human genome phasing, and structural variation detection.

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Contact for more info:
Martin Cooke, TATAA Biocenter, Marketing & Comms Specialist.
Email: martin.cooke@tataa.com


TATAA Biocenter is a leading provider of molecular services to the Advanced Therapies and Medical products (ATMP) industry in Europe and to the Cell and Gene Therapy industry in the United States. With ISO 17025 accreditation and Good Laboratory and Clinical Practices

(GLP/GCP) ready facility TATAA is perfectly positioned to support the pharmaceutical industry with biomarker profiling, including genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics with traditional qPCR, dPCR, and NGS methods, as well as proprietary methods.

Universal Sequencing Technology Corporation (UST), a Boston and San Diego-based NGS biotechnology company, was established by a group of NGS veterans. UST is dedicated to developing the most advanced DNA sequencing technologies and has filed more than 20 provisional patent applications covering linked read NGS library preparation, single-cell sequencing, and groundbreaking 3rd generation DNA sequencing technologies. UST is poised to lead the next wave of DNA sequencing innovations.



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