advanced sequencing technology

Unleash the Power of Universal Sequencing for Limitless Genomic Insights!

We’ve partnered with Universal Sequencing to provide advanced long read sequencing services using short-read sequencers.

The TELL-Seq WGS Sequencing Library Prep Kit enables a short-read sequencers (compatible with all Illumina sequencers) to generate highly accurate super long read sequencing that requires very low input material (0.1-5ng).

At a relatively low cost it can provide down to single contig assemblies of prokaryote genomes or N50 values of up to double digit MB’s for human genome phasing applications.Long read sequencing services

what are the benefits of our Long read sequencing services?
  • A simple, one-tube, fast and easy to use linked read library kit – with 3-hour library prep time
  • Enables short-read sequencers to produce super long read results (20kb to 200kb)
  • Low input material (0.1-5ng DNA) depending on the genome size
  • Streamlined and cost-effective process, carried out in a single 0,2ml PCR tube, with only basic lab equipment
Long read sequencing services

Too good to be true? See how TELL-Seq works...


The TELL-Seq WGS Sequencing Library Prep Kit is here to revolutionize your research

• Whole Genome Sequencing – de novo assembly of microbial and medium to large genomes
• Metagenomics analysis
• Human whole genome phasing
• Structural variations (SV) detection
• Phased whole exome and target sequencing

Long read sequencing services


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