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Vendor in Focus: Lexogen


Are you ready to revolutionize your transcriptomics research? Look no further! This month, we are thrilled to showcase Lexogen, a leading company specializing RNA analysis and NGS, with many convenient solutions regarding whole transcriptome and 3’mRNA sequencing, as well as up- and down stream solutions and bioinformatics.

To celebrate our partnership with Lexogen we are delighted to announce an incredible offer that you simply cannot miss:

  • We have an amazing discount of up to 20% on all Lexogen products –  head to our shop or e-mail to take advantage of this special offer.*

Unleash the power of QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq
The patented QuantSeq technology is a simple method that focuses on 3’ ends of mRNA molecules, to easily assess gene expression profiles by RNA sequencing, as well as other more advanced applications.

An initial poly(A) hybridization and reverse transcription step generates your first cDNA strand. Quick RNA removal follows, before a random primer synthesizes the second cDNA strand. And your library is ready to be amplified!

QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq Kits by Lexogen is an all-in-one library preparation protocol designed to generate Illumina compatible NGS libraries of sequences close to the 3’ ends of poly(A) RNA. Only one fragment per transcript is generated, thereby enabling accurate gene expression quantification while saving sequencing depth and allowing for a high level of multiplexing.

Benefits include:

  • Drastically save on sequencing costs – less reads needed per sample
  • Fast and simple protocol – only 4.5 hours in total
  • Any sample, any input
  • No more reads misaligned or lost
  • Data analysis simplified

Lexogen’s latest release – RNA/DNA Defender Solution!
This non-toxic storage solution stabilizes fragile RNA molecules in fresh tissue and cell culture samples, protecting them from degradation. Preserving RNA is crucial for maintaining the gene expression profile of your samples.

It eliminates the need to process samples immediately or snap-freeze them in liquid nitrogen. Samples can be stored temporarily at ambient temperature without compromising RNA quality until processing is more convenient.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Lexogen and how we can help you as a bio-molecular distributor!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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