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Vendor in Focus: Norgen Biotek


This month we continue to focus on Norgen Biotek, a fully integrated biotech company committed to providing innovative solutions including purification, concentration and clean-up of DNA, RNA, microRNA, proteins and exosomes from various specimen types.

RNA Purification Technology: Pure RNA, Pure Results

Norgen’s powerful and highly sensitive RNA extraction technology is best-in-class. It requires no RNA carriers which could negatively impact the efficacy of downstream applications like NGS. Moreover, it does not require the use of hazardous compounds such as phenol/chloroform, and shows no bias towards GC content or molecular weight, providing a true representation of RNA content.

TATAA Biocenter: leading distributor of reagents and consumables

As a leading distributor of a wide range of reagents and consumables for molecular biology, we are offering a discount of up to 20% when ordering 2 or more Norgen products. You can head to our shop and place your order or email us directly at


Complete Plasma/Serum Workflow – Preservative Tubes

Working with plasma can be challenging due to hemolysis, apoptosis, volume loss, and other commonly faced challenges.

Luckily, you can avoid all of these issues while preserving high-quality and high quantities of cf-DNA, cf-RNA and ct-DNA all at once with Norgen’s cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes!


We hope you enjoyed learning how Norgen Biotek can assist you with your nucleic acid needs and how we can help you as a leading bio-molecular distributor!

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